Imperial Troop Transport Instructions

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Used by the Galactic Empire to instill both fear and order across the galaxy during its rule was able to rapidly deploy up to 10 troops and 1 Imperial officer across the surface of a planet in rapid time. This MOC is a recreation of the vehicle as seen in the Vintage Collection Imperial Troop Transport based on the ever so popular Mandalorian series on Disney+.

With a length of 27 studs / 14 studs wide and 10 studs tall it is a faithful recreation of the intimidating ship perfectly scaled to minifigures! The vehicle can fit 10 troopers, 1 officer, and 2 pilots at the front. 

There are 4 interior seats in the back, 2 in the front with many controls, and 2 bay doors surrounding the vehicle for rapid deployment of forces!
NOTICE some parts can be easily supplemented out at your own discretion!
and the top front piece is held in by the two 1x1 LBG clips within the MOC.
Designed by @Imperialbrickproductions

Please Note: Set instructions will be emailed to the email provided at checkout